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(You can click to transfer the funds from ZB account to ZBG account after recharging QC on ZB.)

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Note: You can click to transfer the funds from ZB account to ZBG account after recharging QC on ZB.
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Your current FZTs :


FZT is referring to frozen ZT

  • Token Remaining Amount Recent ups and downs Subscription fee Operation
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  • {{item.marketName.split('_')[0]}} {{item.leftAmount | capitalize }} ZT {{parseFloat(item.price) }} ZT {{parseFloat(item.feeRatio*100)}}% exchange

Note: Investment in cryptocurrency is risky, investment needs to be cautious. 《ZBG brief disclaimer》,The subscription fee income is supported by the platform operating expenses; the current digital currency with ups and downs can be redeemed here, only for users who have not released ZT.

Exchange bill

  • Redemption time Entry currency type Number of coins Billing currency type Number of coins Service Fees
  • No data
  • {{item.createTime}} {{item.inCurrency}} {{parseFloat(item.inAmount) }} {{item.outCurrency}} {{parseFloat(item.outAmount) }} {{parseFloat(item.feeAmount)}} ZT
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{{parseFloat(transferinfo.minBuyAmount)}}ZT≤ Amount≤{{parseFloat(transferinfo.maxBuyAmount)}}ZT exchange{{transferinfo.marketName.split('_')[0]}} Amount:{{count}} ?

I know that the unreleased ZT will be voluntarily traded, at your own risk and expense.

Transfer fee rate: {{feeRatio*100}}%


Note: When you change the frozen ZT, please use ZBG digital assets address in order to appeal the transfering deal for in or out ,while the abnormal situation occurs.ZBG does not accept arbitration claims with any non-ZBG wallet addresses.


1. A transfer frozen ZT to B.

2. B confirms the receipt of the frozen ZT and transfers the ZBG digital asset to A ZBG address (eg. QC).

3. Please don't transfer FZT to yourself, the transfer fee can not be appealed if happened.


Actual receipt: {{ts_transferNO*feeO}} ZT ?

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Ordinary transfer bills

  • Transfer time Trading Type Transfer type Transfer amount Service Fees Username
  • No data
  • {{item.createTime}} {{item.type=='sub'?"Out":"In"}} {{item.currency}} {{filterAmount(item.number)}} {{filterAmount(item.fee)}} ZT {{item.otherUser}}
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