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Supported by an integrated operating project of trading platform for more than 5 years

ZBG is the official flagship website of ZB Global, whose core team has operated one of the biggest global trading platforms for more than 5 years, and has gained hundreds of engineers and millions of users.

Fantastic user experience

With many years in operating, we have accumulated massive experience from users, including comprehensive and proved experience in access speed, website expansion, and have achieved prompt application response.

Higher than financial security

ZBG enjoys the independent and complete cryptocurrency business service of ZB, which is now serving over 15 cryptocurrency business companies worldwide, and the only business service which supports recharging, deposit and withdrawal of many cryptocurrencies in the form of block chains. Most of currencies supporting multiple signatures are safely distributed in the form of unified block chains to provide technological service. The core steps adopt an offline mode, which offers the really secure technology.

24/7 client service and technical support

Only with mature and agile customer service and technical support can we deal with variable customer requirements and find solution to problems occurring in operation.。

Various cryptocurrencies open free

A variety of cryptocurrencies are delivered at the platform of ZBG. Firstly, ZBG presents innovative cryptocurrencies at ZB.COM in a way of sharing quality projects. In the meanwhile, as a cryptocurrency trading platform which supports more quality currencies, ZBG will follow the rule of listing on the exchange in GEM (growth enterprise market) with the mechanism of “accumulative recharging individuals ranking”, and conduct the ranking according to the number of deposit accounts of cryptocurrencies backed by GEMs. Cryptocurrencies dominating the top ranks will obtain the qualification to first release and exchange at ZBG.

Route Chart

ZBG is committed to building a widely inter-connected exchange alliance worldwide based on the ZB.COM technology system. ZBG itself is also the flagship in terms of the cryptocurrency exchange platform.

July 9, 2018 Registration opened. ZT, the ZBG token based on ERC2.0, was officially released.Exchange of ZB into ZT started. 100 Promotion Inviters Recruitment started.
July 21, 2018 Exchange of ZB into ZT closed.
July 21, 2018 ZT’s initial price will be determined. ZB will officially run with ZBG as the model.
July 22, 2018 ZBG will accept partner applications from global exchanges.
October, 2018 The lightweight station building system of independent alliance station will be proceeded.
October, 2019 A number of 100 heavyweight exchange platforms will be set up across the world together with 1000 agile independent exchange platforms.

Profile of ZT

ZT is the universal point at ZBG.

Name : ZT
Issuing Platform : ZBG
Total: 500,000,000
Circulation Amount: 350,000,000